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Announcement by the Dean


The announcement by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy, and Informatics concerning the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Dear Colleagues,
in agreement with the Rector of our University, due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic, and to avoid its spreading in our Faculty, I order

  • to suspend all official travels abroad of the Faculty staff, students and PhD students;
  • to apply two-week home quarantine to all who are coming back from abroad (both official and tourist travels);
  • to suspend all arrivals of foreign collaborators and students, and in case it is to already too late
  • to apply two-week quarantine at the hotel to all the visitors and to contact them by electronic means only;

with immediate effect, until further notice.

Quarantined teachers should inform their students about how the classes will be completed
(at another time, as  the students homework, e-learning, etc.).

The quarantined students should be informed how they could complete missed classes (as homework,
individual consultations, etc.) or should be allowed to participate in the classes via e-learning.

Włodzimierz Jaskólski
The Dean

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