Institute of Physics

ContactGrudziądzka 5, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 3310

Floor plan

By clicking on the image one can see the map of each level of Aleksander Jabłoński Institute, which is the main building of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics at 5 Grudziądzka Street.

  • Enter through entrance A (main) from Grudziądzka Street.
  • People with reduced mobility (on wheelchairs) are invited to enter:
    • through the entrance to the Quantum Optics Centre (see Level -1) gate from Legionów Street. In order to open the gate, please call +48 56 611 3310
    • or through entrance B from Grudziądzka Street (to ask for assistance, please call +48 56 611 3310 )
  • Levels in the areas marked with different colors (A, B and C) are connected by flights of stairs. Horizontal passage between areas A, B and C is possible on the ground level. On Level 1 it is possible to move between areas B and C.
  • In areas A and C elevators are available.