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For PhD students

NCU’s Institute of Physics, under Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies of Physical Sciences  allows its MA graduates to pursue further academic development in the course of four-year doctoral studies in the fields of Physics and Biology. The students are involved in high-quality research under the supervision of qualified research staff thanks to outstanding lab facilities (descriptions of selected research projects and researchers). The studies are mostly conducted in cooperation with the best research centers in the world.

The participants of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies of Physical Sciences may apply for four types of  scholarships, with all of them being guaranteed to receive the basic scholarship over the four-year period of studies (which was 1500 PLN in 2017).

In the case of doing research which are part of Projects financed from external sources, doctoral students may apply for scholarships or remunerations awarded by National Science Center, Foundation for Polish Science, or European agencies. The scholarships may amount to 3000 PLN a month, depending on the Project. The database of Project participation offers for doctoral students is available here. In case of being interested in a project which does not advertise an available place for a doctoral student, please contact the Project’s head directly.

Doctoral students of NCU’s Institute of Physics successfully apply for grants awarded by  National Science Center (Etiuda, Preludium), and are supported by local authorities (for example, in the form of ‘Step into the future’ scholarship program for doctoral students run by Marshall’s office in Toruń under the Regional Operational Program).

After completing the doctoral studies our graduates continue their careers, both academic ones in the best academic units in the world, and in companies whose operations are broadly related to the fields of Photonics and Biophysics.