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Spectral optical coherence tomography (SOCT)

SOCT is a type of optical coherence tomography, which is at present most commonly used to make eye examinations and demonstrating its internal structure. The idea itself was described in 1995, and 4 years later physicists from Toruń were the first to construct appropriate instrument. A breakthrough was year 2002, when tissue images from the eye of a healthy volunteer were shown. SOCT turned out to be a method which was more sensitive than previous types of optical coherence tomography, which allowed for obtaining better quality images. The instrument was constantly improved, until in 2004 physicists from the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics constructed a clinical prototype, which has become a model for the first in the world commercial SOCT tomograph. In 2006 Optopol company introduced to the market SOCT tomograph Copernicus, which was the first such instrument in the world, gaining 20% of the world market one year later. According to the Ministry of Economy, the OCT spectral tomograph is one of the three, apart from graphene and infrared photodetectors, “Polish photonic products which have achieved the world-class level and commercial success on a global scale”.