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Czwartkowe Kolokwium Fizyczne


W dniu 29 października 2020 roku o godzinie 12:30 na platformie Webex ( dr  hab. Paweł Tecmer, prof. UMK (Instytut Fizyki UMK) wygłosi wykład pt. „Pair coupled cluster-based methods for complex electronic structures".



Geminal-based approaches represent a promising alternative to model trongly correla-ted materials because they do not su˙er from the exponential scaling wall. Particularly interesting is the Antisymmetric Product of 1-reference orbital Geminals (AP1roG) [1] method, also known as the pair Coupled Cluster Doubles (pCCD), combined with the orbital optimization protocol [2,3]. The most important features of the pCCD ansatz are the mean-field-like scaling and that no active spaces have to be specified. The missing dy-namical correlation energy on top of pCCD can be added a posteriori using, for instance, perturbation theory [4]. In this talk, we will assess the accuracy of the pCCD-based approaches to 1-D Hubbard model Hamiltonian, thermochemistry of main-group compo-unds [4], noncovalent interactions [5], and electronically excited states in lanthanide and actinide species [6,7]. Moreover, we will demonstrate the usefulness of recently develo-ped and implemented orbital entanglement and correlation analysis [8] in understanding complex electronic structures. Finally, we will discuss the unique features of our locally developed Pybest software package [9].


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